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Ms. Nelly 

Business and Strategy Lead

Nelly passion for technology is in its use in the improvement of business and communication process; this has seen her grow into one of the leading ladies in Kenya’s digital tech, marketing and advertising spaces.

She has 14 years’ experience providing strategic thought leadership, partnership and insights into digital marketing communications to business leaders with a view of creating solutions to situation challenges, increasing business revenues and meeting the overall business objectives.

Mr. Smith

Technology Consultant

Steve is a Proactive and dedicated digital strategist/manager with 24 years’ experience and a proven ability to develop and implement strategies that support businesses operational, creative and financial objectives. 

He is an Empathic User Experience expert and tech enthusiast, keen to challenge boundaries; implementing best practice and pushing innovation in a LEAN and responsible manner.

Ms. Irene 

Recruitment Lead 

In this role Ms, Irene provides services, expertise, insight and solutions that add value to the recruitment processes of she has a talent of matching opportunities to the right candidates that ultimately advance the business goals and the candidates careers.

She has over 17 years’ experience in recruitment talent management and employee placement across different geographical regions.

Mr. Tony 

Digital Marketing Professional 

Over 9 years’ experience in the field. Focusing on paid marketing channels i.e. Search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM) as well as non-paid channels such as SEO & email marketing. 

Tony has worked with products in various business models from eCommerce to classifieds and content in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and in Asia. 
After his university, he worked for several years as a door to door sales person for an online directory and considers himself as a T-shaped marketer who is passionate about knowledge sharing and training others on all things digital marketing.