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Updated: Sep 18, 2018

When I started watching this ad I expected that it was about a sock wearing device I saw a while back. And after just coming back from seeing my folks over the weekend, I remember my dad saying that he has gained some weight and was struggling to wear socks. I laughed, but I also knew that the sock aid ad I had seen some weeks ago was relevant because now I need to get it for my dad.

So while watching this ad again I focused on it so I could watch it to the end and get a URL to the site where I could go get information on where I could purchase the sock aid. But Alas! It was not about a sock aid! It was about? Yup, you said it! Wearing condoms for protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

I love this ad! I can't say it enough. I love this ad... I loved it not because of the message although the message is important, it's about the way the message is conveyed.

I will not say that sex talk is taboo in Africa because you already know that. But for some like me, we did get the sex talk from my mum and my aunties and in very many words from my dad too. But in truth, I think the conversation around protection when it comes to sex is a conversation that needs to go viral.

This ad has done a couple of key things I will speak to:

  1. Take the everyday way of talking in Kenya, "Vaa socks" (wear socks).

  2. Use of happy socks a very current fashion trend.

  3. Nicknaming habits. The stumbler the glider, the organiser and so forth!

For me, this makes the ad relevant in our everyday life. That's what we call localisation!!!

I am sure everyone sees something different in the ad prior to the final message: some see the socks styles and colours, some see the nicknames of the sock wearers, some see how people have different experiences around wearing socks and some will probably see themselves.

For me, I see a great piece of communication that is friendly, effective and most of all relevant!

That's all I'm saying! I wonder, what did you see?

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