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So Indeed's Japanese parent company (Recruit Holdings) has bought Glassdoor for a cool 1.2 billion in cash. The largest job aggregator and the largest database where users anonymously share feedback on their employers have become one!

Has Glassdoor lost its independence? Even though Recruit Holdings in press release said there were no plans to merge Glassdoor and Indeed, I propose consolidation is very likely, otherwise how will Recruit Holdings keep off online recruiting competitors such as the colossus LinkedIn (owned by Microsoft), Facebook, and Google Jobs, which launched last summer in the U.S., and is expanding internationally.

Glassdoor has transformed how people search for jobs and how companies recruit. Joining with Recruit allows Glassdoor to accelerate its innovation and growth to help job seekers find a job and company they love while also helping employers hire quality candidates,” said Robert Hohman, Glassdoor CEO and co-founder, who will continue to lead the company. “I look forward to leading Glassdoor through this exciting new chapter, and to exploring ways to use our combined resources and assets to benefit job seekers, employees and employers once the deal closes.”

What does this mean for employers and their search for passive candidates? With CareerBuilder's resume database dead and buried, Monster's on its deathbed, employers have had indeed's and LinkedIn's resume database to rely on.

Bottom line is prices will be affected, the question is, what are employers willing to pay to search for passive candidates?

How can employers stay a head of the game, I think the following will help.

  • Employer Branding

  • Community involvement

  • Flexible interview times

  • Artificial intelligence

So least for a moment imagine Microsoft (who own linkedin) buys Indeed & Glassdoor from Recuit Holdings. Or vice versa, what would the search for passive candidates look like?

As with any activity, when you do something long enough, there is a high likelihood that your strategy will go stale. New strategies and tools are not the enemy, embrace them.

“By Miss Irene ”

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